Zig-zag Separator

Description Zig-zag separator can effectively separate the dust in the flakes, small plastic labels or film by taking advantage of the gravity and the special internal structure design. The label aspirator separates the label and fine impurities from the flakes by the negative pressure which generated by blower, and can be used by multiple assembly.…


PURIFINES – PET Fines Washer

PURIFINES Washing System PURIFINES washing system is developed for PET bottle recycling plant with large capacity and fines washing plant which is an advanced and environmental-friendly facility for purifying waste rPET fines. The entire system consists of a PURIFINES equipment and fines washing module. All PET fines from crushing, drying unit and ground can be…


Turbo Washer – PET Flakes Friction Washer

Description MWC Cambodia developed a new turbo washer (PET flakes friction washer dryer) which combined with friction and dewatering functions. The glue will be removed by strong friction among flakes and paddles, then PET flakes moisture rate will be reduced below 5% through centrifugal force. Water spraying devices can avoid screen clogging and flush PET…


Plastic Dryer for PET Flakes, Film

Description MWC Cambodia supplies two types of PET flakes drying machine. PET flakes moisture rate will be reduced to 2~3% after dewatering force, if the heat exchanger is supplemented afterward, the moisture rate can be further reduced to 0.7%. It is sufficient to meet the demands of the downstream applications. Specially designed shaft and anti-block…



High Bulkiness : Three dimensional helical structured crimp through conjugate spinning provides very excellent bulkiness to the fiber. Hollow Spiral Crimp by VNFIBER is high bulky with big hollowness ratio and round shape.

High Resilience and Durability: It is good recovery and durability because of the natural crimp. With the high hollowness ratio it can hold a large amount of air to make it a light weight and comfortable.

Light and Soft: The hollowness of HCS give it lightweight and natural softness.



Padding: Various Clothes, Padding for Bedding
Stuffing: Toy, Pillow, Cushion, Other Furniture Use

Production specs
Type: Hollow Conjugate Fiber Non Siliconized
Luster: Semi Dull
Denier: 3/6/7/10/15D
Length(mm): 32/51/64/76
Usage: Filling